Effortless in Nature

  • Grow 5x faster than traditional soil gardening

  • Intelligent hydroponics deliver nutrients and oxygenation at the root level

  • Full spectrum LED simulates ideal sunlight conditions

  • Easy-to-use and automated saving you time and effort


Introduce a dash of green

Brighten up your home, reduce stress, and improve air quality with indoor plants

Electric love

Better for you, better for the environment

Grow veggies, herbs, and flowers without herbicides, pesticides, and GMOs for a healthier lifestyle

INBLOOM in Detail

Made for you

Choose from different garden sizes and designs


    inbloom Indoor Garden 5-pod

    Sleek, compact and fun design perfect for any countertop!

    • Grow up to 5 plants
    • Scientifically calibrated lighting greatly enhances photosynthesis for maximum growth
    • Large 2.5L water tank provides roots with space to breath and expand
    • Double-layered casing prevents algae growth inside water tank
    $ 69.9

    inbloom Indoor Garden 10-pod

    High performance system yielding the healthiest plants

    • Grow up to 10 plantsProfessional spectrum with far reaching LEDs
    • 4.2L extra large water tank, refill just once every 2-4 weeks when notified
    • Larger footprint for growing fuller leaves and taller plants
    • the low water level alarm alerts you when water level dips below 700ml

    $ 89.99

What our growers think

“ Such a great gift for any garden lover! Especially now that the weather is too cold for outdoor gardening. The set is very complete and it looks aesthetically pleasing! ”

Quitty Wit

" This hydroponic growing system is well made and the perfect gift for "brown thumbs" who have difficulty growing stuff. It's easy to use. The LED lights will come on for 16 hours then cycle back off for 8 hours. It repeats the cycle on its own daily. The hydroponic system is perfect to grow basil, chives and other small plants. I love this system. Finally, I have a green thumb! "

Christie D

“ This was my first attempt at hydroponic gardening. I planted heirloom Rocky Top Lettuce Mix Salad Blend, all of the seeds sprouted and the lettuce is growing quickly! I'm able to harvest weekly for salads. I love that the light timer and low water lever alarm make it so easy to use and grow veggies indoors. ”

Kristina Beaumont

“ This hydroponics system is a great starter. It arrived well packed and sets up very easily. This is my second system and will be great for growing my herbs and lettuce in the winter months. Great hobby to share with the grandkids as they will love to seed and watch them grow. ”

Shana Morris

" The lights are bright and being able to raise it up and tilt them, makes this unit have a hundred uses. We are growing Herbs for the winter and will use as a seed starter for transplanting outside in the spring, here in the AZ. desert, to raised beds in the garden. The included AI controlling the growth cycles with the timing of light variations, is the best part of this and grows a strong root system. We have three other sizes of these type of hydroponic systems and completely love them. The instructions are excellent and similar to our other systems. I am looking for more of these and larger also. Everything about the pumping and water flows in relatively quiet and the plants are very healthy with the included fertilizers, etc. I am going to try triple 16 fertilizer in this when I run out. I will dissolve it first and try to mimic the quantities put into the water. Should be very interesting! Always looking for more of these advanced growing units. Absolutely a great find! "

Betsy Bargain

" The machine does all the work of circulating plant food- enriched water and giving the plants 16 hours a day of healthy red light.This can be set up in any room in the house- all that’s necessary is a power outlet. If it’s somewhere that you might see the light at night, but sure to set the machine up to be off when you’re asleep. I did this by turning the machine on right when I woke up in the morning on the first day, so that it is synced to be dark when I’m sleeping.I planted my first seeds a few days ago, and I’m already starting to see a tiny sprout forming- success! I can’t wait until I have fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies to use in my cooking. I will update this review with pictures once full plants start growing in. So far I’ve planted chives, basil, tomatoes, catnip, and squash. I’m really interested to see how the heavier fruits fare once they start to really grow!This is great if you want to try growing your own produce, as a fun activity for the kids, or as a gift. "

Adam Smith

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