Our Mission

inbloom’s mission is to bring the joys of indoor gardening to urban users any time and any where.inBloom is a Irvine, California based gardening company passionate about improving the health and lifestyle of our users through gardening. Studies show that growing plants helps people reduce stress and lifts mood, while improving air quality. We aim to provide these benefits to all users, even those in urban environments, 365 days a year.

A Smarter Way to Grow

inbloom uses the newest hydroponics and lighting technologies to simulate a perfect growth environment for plants. Each individual plant is ensured to receive optimal levels of light, nutrition, oxygenation, and hydration.

Rooted in Science

Our team of product managers and engineers are re-imagining how home gardening should work. We think with the plants and our users in mind, precisely optimizing every detail in order to yield the fullest, healthiest plants.

Know your Food

We bring you closer to your food, without any hassle, and without changing the food itself. Our produce tastes incredible while being all naturally home grown.

Grow in Style

No more old clunky home appliances. Our gardens are designed not only to work well, but to look good while doing it. All our products are a perfect addition to any countertop or window sill.