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Inbloom designs smart gardens to help busy city dwellers reconnect with nature and the magic of plants. Our innovative in-door gardening technology creates an effortless way for people to grow fresh food and flowers year round, providing a healthy boost for air quality, stress reduction and overall happiness. Not only does our product make it easy to nurture plants 365 days a year - even during vacations or times when life gets hectic - but its cutting edge design ensures your garden always has enough light, oxygen & nutrients so you can focus on what matters most!

With a decade of pioneering experience, we understand what customers truly desire: an optimal combination of simplicity and quality. Our commitment to great design, coupled with our selection of the highest-grade materials for construction ensures that each product delivers incredible value in terms not only performance but also aesthetic appeal. Our gardens are designed to be robust with minimal upkeep, giving us a clear advantage over the competition. Our feature set utilizes reliable and practical elements that stand at the forefront of garden technology.

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  • Business Case

    • For all the foodies and green thumbs, our products provide a great way to explore their passions. Whether it's cooking up mouth-watering dishes or cultivating lush gardens, we have just what they need!
  • Why Us

    • Our technology has been vigorously tested and perfected through the sale of 400,000+ consumer products. With 7,000 plants already evaluated to ensure premium quality—and more being added each month—our cutting-edge tech is ready for market adoption. Our technology offers reliable performance at an accessible price point - making it one of today's go-to solutions on the market.
  • Market Demand

    • Inbloom is revolutionizing the way people can effortlessly enjoy organic, locally-grown food. Since 2005, interest in local and organic products has skyrocketed from USD $1 billion to over $18 billion today – a trend that's forecasted for continued growth. Our innovative indoor gardens provide accessible solutions so consumers of all backgrounds are empowered with smart growing devices at reasonable prices–all without sacrificing quality or user experience! With our technology, fresh greens have never been more attainable.
  • Customer Segments

    • Our products are perfect for any occasion – whether you're a food lover, home chef or plant fanatic! Our modern gardens boast the latest in innovative technology and Smart Home capability that's sure to have even tech-savvy individuals falling in love with gardening. Plus, our items make fantastic presents everyone can enjoy.

Smart Garden 5 Pods

  • Thoughtfully designed compact water tank takes up little space,
    but gives roots more room to grow and breath compared to compet-
    itor products;
  • BPA-free extra-thick opaque polycarbonate casing to prevent
    mildew growth in water tank;
  • True color LEDs and 20% additional red light for maximal yield;
  • Grow in Style - comes in 3 stylish pastel colors to suitable for
    livening up any environment;
  • Portable one piece design with no assembly required;
  • Accessories: 5 pcs grow baskets, 5 pcs grow sponges, 5 germi-
    nation domes, 1 set plant food, 1pc adapter, 5 pcs plant support
    rods, 5 pcs pod lids.
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Smart Garden 10 Pods

  • Up to 10 individual plants can be grown at a time via hydropon-
    ics technology, saving 95% water and 5x faster compared to con-
    ventional gardening techniques;
  • Precisely tuned lighting-lighting is scientifically optimized with true color LEDs and additional far-red light for maximal yield;
  • Large 4.2 L water tank, anti-mildew anti-algae, with automatic
    water shortage alarm when water level lower than 700ml;
  • Fully adjustable 53 cm tall LED lamp arm, giving ample growing
    space for a variety of plants;
  • Accessories: 10pcs grow baskets, 10 pcs grow sponges, 10
    germination domes, 1 set plant food, 1pc adapter,5 pcs pod lids.
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